The agency for
sustainable creativity.
Agentur für
nachhaltige Kreativität

What drives us.

Each year, humankind consumes more resources than our planet can produce – equivalent of 1.7 earths per year..

If we want to ensure a future worth living for our children and grandchildren, we have to stop this ruthless exploitation and reduce our annual consumption of resources to less than one earth – below1.

That means making a lasting change to our patterns of consumption and to our economic system. KNSK/below1 aims to help achieve this. We support, motivate and partner companies in their transition toward greater sustainability: For a positive impact on planet earth – and on companies’ business success.

KNSK/below1 combines excellence in two fields of expertise: sustainability and creative marketing. We help companies to permanently integrate sustainability into their brands and to communicate their commitment to sustainability in a way that is striking, focused and credible.

“To do good and talk about it” is the motto. Powerful campaigns are the onlyway to turn sustainability into competitive edge, thus contributing to a company’s financial success.

What we do.

Our service portfolio.

  • 360-degree analysis of sustainability performance and communications
  • Embedding sustainability in corporate and brand strategies
  • Conducting of data-based target group analyses
  • Consumer insights and on-demand surveys
  • Development of long-term communications strategies
  • Conception of creative sustainability campaigns
  • Development of editorial content marketing formats
  • Data-based media and distribution strategies
  • Involvement concepts for companies and employee teams
  • Employer branding strategies and communications

What we don’t do.

We view sustainability as a mindset, part of corporate conduct.

That’s why KNSK/below1 only works with companies that take sustainability seriously enough to incorporate it into their core business and brand strategy. We don’t work for companies that use sustainability as a fig leaf, with no real intention of improving their performance in this area. KNSK/below1 is itself a sustainable agency that solely employs people with proven CR expertise who are convinced of the need for sustainability – we are not in the business of greenwashing.

Sustainability has evolved as a megatrend that is already a key business factor for companies, with competition for tomorrow’s markets in full swing. Sustainability enhances target group relevance, growth, employee retention, readiness to invest and, more and more frequently, is even a prerequisite for market access.

Long-term entrepreneurial success will only be enjoyed by those companies that can plausibly bring to life the value they add to society.

Why we do it.

Who we are.

KNSK/below1 is a joint venture between KNSK Werbeagentur GmbH, the climate-neutral Hamburg-based creative agency group, and Utopia, Germany’s most popular sustainable consumption platform.

It is jointly led by Dr. Meike Gebhard (Managing Director of Utopia), Kim Alexandra Notz (Managing Partner of KNSK Werbeagentur GmbH) and Florentin Hock (Managing Director Creation at KNSK Werbeagentur GmbH). Monika Trax is Head of Business Development with responsibility for the operational business. KNSK/below1 has offices in Hamburg and Munich.


Monika Trax
Head of Business Development
+49 151 24141013